By using effective managing tools, we have been launching and managing our projects very well. This make our clients satisfied and help us make high quality products.


Rational Unified Process (RUP) Software Life Cycle

RUP During the development process, activities are performed throughout multiple iterations. These iterations continue as the project evolves through four phases of development:

  • Inception
  • Elaboration
  • Construction
  • Transition

Agile Software Development


Agile2 Success is defined by responsiveness to customer requests that requires quick turnaround (2—4 week Sprints) for high-priority requests. Tightest constraint is on schedule, to achieve quick turnaround

  • Scope is adjusted to fit schedule
  • Requirements change frequently, even from month to month as change is the norm, and requests are re-prioritized at Sprint boundaries
  • Work requires constant invention, so all steps are not known in advance, and estimates are not expected to be reliable

Operating Systems


Frameworks /



Testing Tools /
Error Prevention Tools