WIDOSOFT was established in 2011 by many experts with many year experience in the information technology field in Japan. Our philosophy are as follows:

  • To provide our customer with outstanding quality products to meet and exceed their expectations.
  • To make our customer completely believe in our products.
  • To focus on creating business success for our customers
  • Win-win relationship is the center of all our activities with Customers.

Base on these philosophy, we have got many clients from Japan with many successful projects carried out in Japan market.


About us - CEO of Widosoft



E-mail: hoang@widocom.com
Skype: nghia_tech

VN-Phone: (+84) 986 003 125
JP-Phone: (+81) 80 5659 2008

Mr. Hoang is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of WIDOSOFT. He provides the visionary guidance that has led to WIDOSOFT’s outstanding growth and successes in customer software development in Japan. He has a strong belief in one thing, that Customer success means WIDOSOFT success.

Profile Information

As a self-starter with an entrepreneurship mindset, Mr Hoang is one of those rare individuals whose talents encompass both commercial acumen and outstanding technical expertise. He achieves that fine balance between leading the strategic vision and driving forward business and technology initiatives to provide the highest possible outcomes for every client project.

With exposure to a number of business disciplines his previous experiences cover: IC design, Real Estate Management System, Auction System, Mobile Social System, Mobile Social Game…



We are well aware that we obtain the stable development only if we bring great benefits to clients. We also guarantee to support for our clients at all time.


We get the belief from our real capacity, enthusiasm which are parts of our clients’ culture. We are proud of creating the belief to our Japanese clients and still keep going.


We appreciate the meticulousness, one of factors results in good products and satisfaction. We strive to achieve excellence in whatever we do with principle of “Never stop improving quality.


Human capacity helps to create good value. We completely believe WIDOCOM is always the best place for all of our staffs to get their progress.


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